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Now is the time to change your approach to IELTS, the most preferred English Language Test. We have made this possible through our expert pool of mentors who deliver the most result-oriented training for IELTS, and all other tests. So just add wings to your plans of flying abroad and reach your preferred destination – whether you want to study abroad or work.

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Millions of study abroad aspirants take IELTS every year which is why this turns out to be the most preferred English Language Test all over the world. This is also has the recognition of top universities and colleges of the world. Therefore, it is crucial for you to score high in IELTS. Lakshya Prep assures you success with high band in IELTS.

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Our Academic Feature

How do i get started ?

Getting started the preparation for the IELTS exam is quite an easy task to do if done correctly. A systematic approach toward the desired outcome, when the right steps for the process of preparation are taken in an ordered manner makes all the hard work simpler. Indeed, hard work must not exist, what should exist is smart work, which means that all the steps taken towards the goal must be calculated and done efficiently.




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Pre-training assessment

Lakshya Prep strives to make IELTS preparation most effective and result-oriented for you. This Pre-training Assessment has been designed with this purpose. We assess your skills – read, write, speak and listen – through this specialized test. Your performance in this test helps us gauge your proficiency and know whether you are ready for IELTS or need mentoring. In either of the case, the benefit is all yours.

Tailored study methodology

Lakshya Prep believes that every student is different and so every student’s learning need is different. Therefore, instead of making you study our course material, we adopt a tailored study methodology which aptly focuses on you and your learning needs. This methodology includes a variable learning approach and study material that is best suitable for you. Eventually, you start experiencing a positive change in your English proficiency and start seeing best outcomes right from the first week.

Practice tests for exam preparation

Your growth will be assessed by our expert mentors from time to time by way of practice tests. We got a large number of mock tests which not only enhance your exam familiarity but also condition your mind for the test environment.

Committed to student’s improvement

Regardless of your present level of conversance with English, our faculties are always there to lift you up. Whatever your background, knowledge or familiarity, our mentors stand by you, not just to clear your doubts and get the desired language expertise, but also to push your limits and inspire you for high bands.


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